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Network Partners

Los Angeles
Miramar®, - Los Angeles, California


Miramar is one of the first fully integrated brand management and consulting firms focused on global media networks and consumer goods brand management. Their global media networks and partners span entertainment, medical, fashion, supply chain, ESG, hospitality, D2C, street, sports and active lifestyle sectors.

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Non Box PDX, LLC - Portland, Oregon


Non Box PDX, - Nonbox has a long history of working with early stage companies with essential positioning, messaging and branding. They also assist in business plan development, presentations to investment prospects as well as bringing prospective investors to the game in select vertical markets. In many cases Non Box assumes the role of a virtual marketing department.

Referencia International, Corp - Paris, France


Referencia International is private equity firm with the primary purpose of managing Ref-Int l, a private equity fund focused on the consumer goods sector. What makes Referencia International distinctive is its proven competence to unleash enterprise value by redefining business models, accessing product and marketing innovations and providing financial solutions. Its mission is to achieve superior return to Ref-Int l shareholders by investing in selected companies. 

TKI Corp - Tokyo, Japan


Founded by Take Kurachi, in 1997, TKI was instrumental in launching K-Swiss in the Japanese market.  They have built on that success introducing many new footwear brands into the market, working across Sport and Fashion. TKI also serves as an Advisor to Murasaki Sport on new brand introductions

Central Attack – The Hague, Netherlands

Arthur van der Kroft is the CEO of Central Attack, a Marketing and Distribution Group serving the EU market. Arthur is a Sport Lifestyle industry executive with over 20 years of experience. Having developed a strong International business acumen by leading and operating a myriad of successful brands from raw start-up to rebuilding businesses to well over $800M in individual revenue, including Converse for the EMEA Region

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